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Modular Access System

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The Modular Ramp Access Systems offered by MyChairlift encompass ramps, stairs, and platforms, which can be combined and arranged in various configurations to establish a secure pathway to and from your residence.





Limitless Arrangements

Mychairlift’s Modular Wheelchair Access Systems offer limitless possibilities for configuring modular ramps and platforms, ensuring a secure and smooth entry into both typical and unconventional entry points. With ramp lengths ranging from 2 to 8 feet and platform dimensions extending up to 8 by 5 feet, you have the flexibility to conquer any accessibility obstacle in your home.

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Exceptional Surface Choices

You can select between two surface alternatives to suit your specific requirements:

  1. The solid option boasts an extruded tread surface with elevated ribs, ensuring outstanding slip resistance.

  2. The expanded metal choice employs diamond-shaped apertures to facilitate multi-directional traction while minimizing the accumulation of debris on the surface.

High-Quality Handrail Designs

The two-line rail configuration, which is our most popular choice, enhances safety by adding an extra gripping surface below the continuous top rail.

Vertical pickets provide an additional safety measure, particularly for children and small pets, with our pre-assembled aluminum inserts complying with the 4-inch sphere rule for spacing.

For those seeking an aesthetically pleasing option while maintaining safety, horizontal pickets are available. these horizonal inserts run parallel to the top rail, offering both style and security


Sturdy and Secure

MyChairlift’s Modular Ramp Access Systems are crafted from robust aluminum that remains unaffected by outdoor elements, ensuring durability over time. These systems also incorporate slip-resistant surfaces, ensuring consistent traction in all weather conditions. Moreover, the sides are expertly finished, providing a flush design that eliminates any hazardous nuts or bolts protruding into the usable ramp area.

The Benefits of Aluminum

MyChairlift’s Modular Ramp Access Systems require minimal maintenance, as they are resistant to rust and rot. Furthermore, they are constructed from eco-friendly materials, contributing to their environmentally responsible design.

Simplified Design

The ramp system will not affect the property value of your home since it does not modify or extend the structure of the residence. There are no poured footers or construction involved; it’s a straightforward assembly process.

Rapid and Effective Installation

The Modular Ramp access system can be swiftly installed, minimizing inconvenience for you and your family. Typically, a 24-foot system, complete with handrails, can be set up in less than an hour.


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